These CRANKY KID suggestions are great, but:

A. They left out PROTEIN, which in my experience is #1.

Hypoglycemic kids (and adults) are no fun and can’t think straight. My daughter’s first sentence was “Amy protein now!”

Desperate? Float a wooden bowl of cottage cheese and applesauce in the bathtub. Name it “Fun.” Shovel it in to their little mouths while asking, “Who wants to have some more fun?” Applesauce brings up blood sugar fast, while cottage cheese does the protein trick.

Everybody needs protein mid-afternoon. Why don’t we know that? After school, kids think they need carbs, but they need cheese, nuts, or whatever slab of protein you can get into them.

B. Sitting and bouncing on one of those big exercise balls while holding your baby or toddler is really fun and makes everybody feel better.

C. If you must take a drive to calm a child, please consider whether burning fossil fuels is in your child’s best interest in the long run.

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