Amazon messed me up!

Amazon messed me up! So I haven’t been able to sell my film for 4 months. It’s a long story (which I will describe below in case any other filmmakers are having the same problem) but meanwhile…if you tried to rent, download, or purchase the film and it didn’t work, try again by clicking “order the film” above.  THANKS!

If you care, the problem was that back in September, Amazon decided that sellers now need to apply to sell DVD’s that are purchased from a distributor, or that have a MSRP of $39 or so, as I recall. While my DVD price has always been $19.99, Amazon’s default MSRP for all DVD’s is $39.99. To find that setting, you have to go to Details, and then to MORE Details, and scroll down to MSRP. Since I wasn’t born knowing that, and they didn’t tell me, it took a while to figure out what was wrong! The good news is that they call you back right away. You might be on hold for a while, but they are more responsive than I had hoped.

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