Why “Call The Midwife” is so accurate

Terri Coates is an experienced midwife who advises the production team for the

BBC TV show.  She also draws on her relationships with retired midwives and

doctors who worked during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, when the show is set.

The birth scenes are simulated, but they’re so well done that many viewers assume

that they’re real.

The show (based pretty closely on the memoir of midwife Jennifer Worth) has vastly

increased the number of students applying for midwifery training, because it

highlights the inspiring combination of skill, teamwork, and compassion that the

profession requires.

Those of us who critique media portrayal of childbirth are thrilled by “Call the

Midwife.”  Plus…don’t you just love Chummy?

Read about Terri Coates in The Guardian

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