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WELCOME to the joy — and responsibility — of bringing a new person into the world!  

YOU HAVE CHOICES to make that will matter far into the future: how to take care of your pregnant body, how to plan for your birth, how to feed your baby, how to raise children, how many children to have, how to make a living while raising kids, how to nurture yourself, your partner, and your whole family, how to cope with spilled milk, the flu, and junior high.

YOU OWE IT to yourself, your baby, and your family to make those choices as carefully and consciously as you can.

YOUR CHALLENGE is to sort through the overload of information — and misinformation — that surrounds all of us.

WHAT’S REALLY TRUE FOR YOU, and what’s coming from friends, relatives, TV, and movies?  What’s the best way to make sure you and your baby are healthy and safe?  How can you keep yourself peaceful when your life is changing so fast?  How can you overcome your worries, your past history, your relationship problems, and your circumstances to be the best possible parent?

I like to boil things down to the essentials.  Here are some nuggets for you.

Laboring Under An Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs. The Real Thing is a 50-minute DVD that you can buy, rent, or download for as little as $1.99.  It’s hilarious, but it will also get you thinking about what birth is really like and what you really want.

FREE EBOOK!  Everybody’s Birth Book: What REALLY Works includes stories, articles, worksheets, and the initial results of our survey of moms from around the world.  So far, 248 women have told us: What REALLY worked for you in labor?  What surprised you?  What do you wish you had known?

There’s another ebook coming soon: Birth in a Nutshell.  Meanwhile, here are some free printable super-short summaries to make your life easier:

What You REALLY Need To Know About Having A Baby

Fear-Busting For Pregnant People

What You Really Need To EAT When You’re Pregnant


A Better Birth Plan

Getting Born: Babies Are Not Passive Passengers

Postpartum Thriving


Vicki’s Birth Stories

Should I Take An Online Childbirth Class?

Birth From The Baby’s Point Of View

A short RESOURCE LIST will point you toward no-nonsense books, films, and websites that can help you learn what to expect, how to prepare for surprises, how to make satisfying choices, and how to tell fact from nonsense.

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  1. Rebecca Fletcher

    Dear Vicki,

    I see you taught a 5-session “Welcome Baby Childbirth Education” at Cradle in Aug. My husband and I can’t make the Sept. “Welcome Baby Childbirth Education” course. We are wondering if you will be teaching another course like this in either Oct. or Nov.? Or somewhere other than at Cradle?

    (We’re looking forward to reading the material you have here on your website!)

    Many thanks,


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