Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to order this DVD for our university / library / hospital?

In the interest of making this documentary accessible to all, the price is now $19.95 (plus postage) for everybody.

I’d like to get together with my friends and buy a few copies. Can we get a quantity discount?

Yes! There are quantity discounts for orders of 5 or more DVD’s. See the Order page.

Is it okay to show the film to a large audience and charge admission or request donations?

Yes. It’s a great benefit event for your nonprofit organization, and it’s a great educational tool for your community. You can download posters and a press release from the Events page. Contact us if you’d like us to list your screening’s date and location on this website. Fun Idea: You might like to organize a panel of your local experts to lead a discussion with the audience after the film. Also, for additional fundraising, you might consider purchasing DVD’s in bulk and selling them locally to benefit your organization (or yourself).

Can Vicki come and speak to our group?

Maybe! Contact us.

Does this movie preach that people should give birth in some particular way?

We worked hard to make this film inclusive of all sorts of births, in all sorts of settings, with all sorts of people. The point of the film is to encourage you take a fresh look at birth, apart from what you’ve absorbed from a lifetime of media consumption.

I teach a class and this film is too long to use. Suggestions?

You could skip the chapters on tabloids and reality shows – just don’t skip Deb and Jeff’s hospital birth or Naoli and Hiroyuki’s bathtub birth near the end – those are real and unadorned, and they’re included to inspire people with the beauty of normal human birth with loving support.

May I burn copies of this DVD?

Please respect the energy and investment that went into the making of this DVD. Thanks for your consideration! It’s not very expensive, and there are quantity discounts if you order 5 or more.

Is that Vicki on the cover of the DVD?

Sadly, no. Vicki is older, less glamorous, and no longer expecting any babies. That’s a stock photo chosen for its warmth and beauty.

Where can I learn about the Fair Use Doctrine, which enabled you to make this film?

Try Also, Wikipedia does a pretty good job. Each clip in the film has been carefully vetted to make sure it meets Fair Use criteria. Also, some of the filmmakers were exceptionally generous-spirited in sharing clips for this project.

What’s that wonderful song at the end of the film?

That’s “Ups Downs All Around” by Mr. L-R The Mind Guerilla: Pretty great, huh?

Who’s that fabulous guitarist playing the Italian movie music?

That, friends, is Peter Blanchette. Check out his classical recordings –and his 11-string Archguitar — at

What format is the DVD in?  

NTSC — it’s pretty universal. We haven’t had any complaints from around the world.

Are you doing anything to try to get Hollywood to portray birth more realistically?

YES — see REEL CHILDBIRTH: Script Consultants Deliver the Facts!

Who is this childbirth video for?

Expectant mothers think it’s a hilarious and thought-provoking movie that respects their ability to decide for themselves what sort of childbirth experiences they want to aim for.

Fathers, husbands, and partners appreciate this humorous childbirth education video for its balance of entertainment and information that doesn’t condescend to them.  It helps them to understand what to expect in labor, and how they can best support birthing women.

Childbirth educators and doulas consider this one of the best DVD’s to show to pregnant people in their childbirth classes.  It debunks myths and it eases fear of childbirth.  It’s extremely useful to help parents-to-be to make well-informed choices – plus it’s funny and engaging!

Baby shower gift-givers are tickled to present something unique and humorous and useful – and, at well under $50, cheap!

Obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and librarians find it refreshing to discover a factual, balanced birth movie that addresses the spectrum from orgasmic labour to scheduled elective cesarean section.

Health and sex education teachers love this DVD for its accessibility.  Teens and adults alike have been exposed to a lifetime of TV and movie births.  It’s a great starting point for a discussion of cultural values and beliefs.

Media literacy professors use this documentary to demonstrate how the mass media reflect our hopes and fears — and can influence real women’s birthing experiences.

Screenwriters, TV/filmproducers, and actors appreciate creative guidance on scripting labor scenes that are interesting and authentic portrayals of childbirth.

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