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Laboring Under An Illusion has been extensively reviewed in the media. Read below some of the comments and analysis from professionals and critics. If you’d like to write a review for publication, please contact us let us know where to send a complimentary DVD.  You are also invited to click on “Leave A Comment” above.  

One of, if not THE most important video of 2009! — Birthsource 

No description of  this film can replace an actual viewing! — Jane Pincus, co-founder, co-author, and co-editor of Our Bodies Ourselves in Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care  

Funny, informative, and educational! — Bellies and Babies

Laboring Under an Illusion strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and education. —

Amie Newman interviews filmmaker Vicki Elson — Huffington Post and RH Reality Check. Information and Analysis for Reproductive Health 

Laboring Under An Illusion will help you examine how your assumptions about childbirth have been influenced by various forms of mass media.  — Dr. Rixa Freeze in Stand and Deliver 

This film is one of the three compelling reasons to think that women remain profoundly in need of a trustworthy, reliable resource for learning how to have safe and healthy birth experiences.  — Amie Romano in Science and Sensibility: “Childbirth Literacy: What We’re Up Against”

Best ways to use this film for childbirth education — described in Passion for Birth


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