Childbirth Classes in Northampton, MA

Vicki Elson, MA, CCE, CD teaches “Baby Welcome!” childbirth preparation classes in Northampton, MA.  Parents planning to give birth in the hospital or at home are welcome.  Partners and helpers are welcome.  Classes aren’t preachy about any particular “right” way to give birth, but  emphasize confidence, strength, joy, informed choice, flexibility, and sensible parenting with love.

Vicki has been teaching these classes since 1983, and it’s still fun!  She’s a mom, grandma, and doula, and she trains childbirth educators too.

Sliding scale $100-200 per family.  Maximum 5 families per class.  Aspiring childbirth professionals are invited to audit the class.

EMAIL VICKI to find out when the next series begins!

Class 1

Yes, you can!

Getting to know each other

Confidence exercise: Amazing Yourself

Pregnancy Issues

Vicki’s birth movie

Class 2

Physiology of birth

Birth planning

Juggling work and family

Special surprise

Class 3

Labor tools experimentation – what works?

Labor Practice

Class 4

Complications and interventions

Newborn procedures

Postpartum care of the mama

Birth movies to cheer you up

Class 5


Newborn care

Raising kids

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  1. Andrea Monson

    I would like to sign up for your classes. I am 5.5 months, first and probably only baby 🙂 but my husband and I need help in learning what this will be like. If you could let me know how to sign up, I apologize for my ignorance as I have never done this, nor did I ever think I would! Life is funny isn’t it 🙂

    All the best,


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