Online Resources

is a very reliable source for accurate information, plus a survey of mothers that reveals patterns of care.

is great.  The Boston Women’s Health Collective now offers a book about pregnancy and birth.  Their website has excellent resources.

is a good resource page.

is from author and Peace Corps volunteer Kris Holloway Bidwell, who has written a fascinating book about her friendship with a midwife in Mali, where the mortality rates for mothers and babies are very high.  The midwife herself died in labor with her fifth child.  View a short video about the book.

offers information about the difficulties facing mothers and babies in economically vulnerable communities worldwide.

will help you discover the Media Education Foundation’s large catalog of films about media literacy.

has up-to-date and fair-minded information about immunizations, ear infections, and everything else about pediatric medical care.

A Great Resource with excellent shot films and articles!

A great Western Mass  comprehensive list of breastfeeding support from Greenfield to Springfield.

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